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I have recently been loving trying out new foundations that suit my skin best and doesn't make me look like I have a completely different skin tone compared to my neck or whole body. I also make sure to take note on the specific foundations I have used which have made me break out and totally scraped them out of my make up bag. These are a few of the foundations that I have tried out which have made my skin look flawless and kept my skin clear for the majority of the time I have used them.

1) Revlon Color Stay Foundation (07 Honey Beige, SPF 15)
Price range approx: $23

I just wanted to let everyone know prior to my review on this foundation that I am aware that the foundation lid looks grubby and gross, but that's only because I used it way too much because I absolutely loved it. I did try cleaning it but it just wouldn't come off so it is safe to say it was well loved.

This foundation helped cover up any blemishes or discolourations that were visible on my face. It also helped that it had a SPF 15, as in the summer months it would protect my face from the sun. It also gave a clear finish on the face and didn't feel heavy on the skin, well on my skin at least. I have normal skin so I didn't have much problems using this foundation, however if you have oily skin I would refrain from using this foundation. There is also a pump so it can be made easier to get the right amount of foundation out and not pouring out more than usual. The only down side to this foundation is that you do need to powder your face ever so often or else your face will be all shiny and no one really likes that look, especially in summer. It is currently winter here in Australia so in cooler months you don't really need to powder as much, but keep a powder close by when using this foundation.

I would rate this foundation a 5/10 only for the shiny factor otherwise it's quite good.

2) Maybelline New York, Fit Me Foundation (235, SPF 18)
Price range approx: $17

I recently bought this foundation to try something different because when I like a certain type of foundation I usually stick to that one forever. However, I have been loving this foundation way too much maybe even more than the Revlon one. It feels quite light on your skin but still gives you full coverage. This foundation is my perfect skin tone and doesn't need much powdering which is sort of strange since it has a slightly higher SPF number, but just a light dust on your T-zone (fore head, nose and chin) is all that's required. I have only been using to for a month or so now and have been loving it so far. I haven't tested it out in the summer months since it's still winter here but I'm sure it won't be much different compared to the summer months.

I would rate it a 7/10 as it hasn't done my skin any wrong since I began using it.

Last but not least,

3) Revlon Photo Ready Foundation (I don't remember the shade unfortunately, apologies)
Price range approx: $20

I used this foundation when I first started using makeup and felt comfortable with a compact pack instead of a bottle. It comes with a sponge inside and is liquid based even though it seems like a powder. I never knew what powdering meant at this stage since I was so new to the makeup world, but from what I can recall it didn't leave my face shiny instead gave me a matte look, even though it was liquid based. I would recommend using this foundation if you are just starting out and experimenting with different types of foundations. In saying that you don't have to it's completely up to you what foundation you would like to use, but this is just my opinion and you may chose to follow it or just keep it in mind.

I just used an image from google since I don't really use this foundation anymore and it has nothing to do with the quality or performance of this particular foundation. It just came down to me not been as interested in using this foundation as I use to when I was younger.

I would rate this a 5/10 since I don't really use this foundation as much as I use to but still think it's fine to try it out performance wise.

I hope you liked this post and I would just like to say this is all new to me and I'm loving it so far, and hope this helps anyone out :)

Nrutya xx 


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