Statement Necklaces

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I have recently been loving statement necklaces to dress up my outfits if they just seem to be plain and dull. It does helps create a much more dresser look for a night out, or even makes it seem like you put an extra effort in making your outfit look much better, if you're planning to go out for lunch with your friends or family. The image above are just a few of my favourite statement necklaces that I love wearing on a night out or just to make my outfit much more stylish. 
 They aren't that expensive which is a bonus if you go to stores like Louvisa or Diva for example, as the price range is from $15 to $20. My personal styling tip would have to be less is more, as combing these necklaces with patterned clothing would be a bit too much, however it's completely up to you if you much prefer it that way. These necklaces go perfect with for instance plain black or white tops, even a peplum top with simple colours would pull the look together. It would also work with layered outfits such as a white top with a black leather jacket and black pants contrasted with a statement necklaces. It would help this simple outfit give that 'pop' and make it much more chic. There are many different colours you can get them from a mixture of simply a plain black necklace to a much more colourful alternative of tribal styles. So have fun with styling your outfits with various statement necklaces as there is a look for everyone.

Nrutya xx


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