My Top 3 Winter Shoes

Heyy blog readers

I just want to say I have been quite busy with uni assignments hence why I haven't blogged for a while so I apologise.
Anyway, as it is currently still winter here in Australia (only a month left until spring yay!), I have been trying to keep myself as warm as possible from head to toe. This also means I have been wearing a lot of boots and covered shoes that can still be stylish and dress your outfit up.
The first image is a pair of ankle boots that I usually wear with leggings or jeans. It also helps that they're black which means they can go with almost any outfit. I bought these boots from Kmart or Target probably a year ago for around $20 and absolutely love them. The stud detailing on the sides also gives it an edge and make it seem much more dressier. They aren't too uncomfortable to walk in as the heel isn't too high and is quite a snug fit. I have also recently seen these boots make a come back and worn by a lot of people around uni which really does pull the look of an outfit together, especially in cooler months. 
The second image of another pair of black shin high boots is also one of my favourites to wear in winter. I wear these boots with jeans, leggings or even with a dress and stockings which I think looks really cute and smart. I bought these boots when I was in year 11 still in high school and they still fit perfectly. They cost around $30 and are perfect for casual or dressier occasions. 
Finally, the last image is a pair of military boots which has a stud detailing along the sides and laces in the front. It also has a zip along the side for quick and easy wear. I wear these shoes with jeans, leggings and occasionally dresses. I bought these shoes for around $40 which is quite expensive but worth it quality wise.
These boots are so versatile and I feel a necessary staple in your wardrobe especially in the winter months.

Nrutya xx

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