It's My Birthday!

Heyy guys

On the 8th of September which was yesterday I finally turned 20. Goodbye teenage days! :s
Even though it was on a Monday, still having to go to uni for a few hours as well as doing more assignments, regardless of the time of day I made the most of it. I though i would share with you guys what I got up to. 
The first stop i made was to a eyebrow threading place cause my eyebrows really needed some attention haha. I though of it as a kind of beauty session since it was my birthday. 
Then my mum treated me with these delicious cupcakes that she bought from a cute little shop called ' The Cupcake Factory' at a mall near my place.
I chose the white chocolate and vanilla cupcake and I got two of these. They have many other varieties of cupcakes and should pop in and check them out.
That was pretty much what I did and the rest of the night was just a relaxing one replying to some birthday wishes from my close friends. It wasn't a crazy party or anything, but sometimes it's alright to just chill out and appreciate those close to you, who go out of their way to wish you and make you feel loved on your special day.

Nrutya xx 


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