Styling My Hair

 TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Spray
Buy: from any supermarket 
Price: approx $15
 This brush came along with the hair dryer which was a bonus yay!

 Remington Blow Dryer
 From: Myer
Price: $40

 VS Hair Straightener & Case
From: Myer

 Helloo there
 I have always loved styling my hair when I go out on special occasions or just want to make my hair look good in general. So I thought why not show you guys the products and hair tools I use to achieve an everyday hair style (which is mainly always straight). On days that I do need to really wash my hair this is what my hair routine is normally and it doesn't take too long either.
After I have gotten out of my shower and did what I need to do, I move on to making my hair look a bit more presentable for the day. I start by spraying the 'TRESemmé' heat protective spray all over my damp hair evenly, before I blow dry my hair. I then use my brush and begin to blow dry my hair as well as brushing through my hair while the spray is soaking in. I place the heat setting button on the blow dryer in the middle as well as the fan button, as my hair is just below my shoulders and doesn't take too long to dry.
Finally, when my hair feels pretty dry I move on to straightening it or else I'll be looking like Hagrid haha. I use my 'VS hair straightner' which I think makes my hair feel silky, smooth and shiny. However, what gets me most excited about this straightener is the fact my hair stays straight for practically the whole day and the curved exterior helps with curling as well. I put the heat setting to the highest as my hair is quite thick even though I recently did cut it. I then proceed to straighten my hair until I think it looks perfect. 
Another, part that I love about this hair straightener is the fact it comes with it's own heat protective case, which is perfect for travelling and will also avoid things catching on fire. 
I don't always style my hair, on days that I don't wash my hair I just use a dry shampoo (i can't stand the oily feeling!) and touch up my hair if needed and I'm out the door. 

Nrutya xx


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