It's Halloween!

Hii guys

It's finally nearing Halloween and October is also nearing the end, seriously how fast did this month go?
Anyway, I personally love Halloween and wish it was celebrated in Australia as much as it's in the US and UK. But that doesn't stop me from celebrating this occasion with friends or even myself if I have to haha.
The thing I am most looking forward to doing this Halloween is watching horror films and dragging my friends along no matter how scared they are! 
Some of my favourite horror films are:

Nightmare on Elm St
 All the Paranormal Activity series
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
Devil's Due

And, I could go on for ages since I'm totally into watching scary films, I just need more friends who don't mind getting scared as well. Feel free to list any other horror movies in the comments so I can add them to my long list of scary films.

 What scary movies are you excited to watch this month?

Nrutya xx

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