Scented Hand Creams

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Since it's finally October and well into spring I decided to do things all related to this particular season. Everyone loves spring/summer as the days are longer, the weather is perfect, sunny and filled with blue skies. In the warmer months my body reacts to the weather differently and my skin tends to feel much more dry particularly on my hands, compared to the cooler months.
Hence, I have been using hand creams a lot these past few weeks. I got this set of scented hand creams as a present from one of my lovely friends and I am absolutely loving them. They come in three different scents rose, lavender and lily.
At the moment I am loving the rose scented hand cream as it smells so fresh, natural and spring like. The consistency of the creams are quite smooth and whilst you are rubbing them into your hands  the fragrance is noticeable. They packaging of the creams looks so cute and will make your dressing table have a pop of colour if you have one. It is also handy as they are travel size and perfect to just put into your handbag.
Unfortunately, I don't remember where my friend got these from but I'm sure you can get similar ones  from any body shop stores.

Let me know what you're loving this spring/summer?

Nrutya xx

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