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These past few days I have been thinking to myself how much as a person I have grown through experiences in my life and also how much what others think of me doesn't bother me as much.
This never use to be the case when I moved countries however, I had to go through many ups and downs to be truly happy at this present time.
When I was younger and first moved to Australia I felt like an outsider and also felt very alone. I didn't have any friends and wasn't really sure how to make new ones in such an unfamiliar place, it scared me.
I still remember the first day I went to primary school I was really nervous and wasn't sure if these new people would like me for me. It turns out I was right and no one really wanted to hang out with me as they found me different, don't get me wrong everyone was really nice, friendly and welcoming but no one wanted to be friends with me. What I thought would be a good day turned out to be my worst.   
Days past and I just use to hang out with myself which was quiet boring not gonna lie, but one day I made friends with this girl who was in my class and I felt so accomplished and relieved that I had finally made a friend and we have been best friends for 11 years ever since. But for me to get to this point was quiet difficult as I didn't know what I could talk about apart form the constant questions about myself and why I moved to Australia. It would be old news soon and then I would be friendless again.
I use to be terrified about what people's impressions were of me and whether I was doing and saying everything I was supposed to. I wanted to impress everyone and like things they liked just to fit in. It worked and I got loads of friends, all I cared about was quantity instead of quality. I seemed happy but on the inside I was afraid about being myself as it would mean losing friends.
However, through that very experience and countless others throughout high school, which I'm not going to go into as there was way too much unnecessary drama amongst friends and it's just not worth giving attention.
Today, I am so much happier and have the most amazing friends to whom I can be myself with and I know will always be there for me. I got rid of all the toxic people in my life and I can honestly say it's so liberating and I don't regret it one bit. This goes to anyone reading this who have gone through similar circumstances between friends and just finding yourself in general, it's ok to get rid of those 'friends' you thought you could trust or just make you feel like a shitty person and don't see the best in you. Get rid of them it's easier said than done but I promise you it's like getting rid of an unwanted leech (no one likes them)!
Just be yourself and own it, don't care what people think of you, never feel embarrassed about things you enjoy and surround yourself with supportive, trustworthy friends. Quality over quantity remember that!

I know this is a bit different from what I usually post but I just thought it was necessary as I was just feeling inspired to address this issue.
I'll just leave you with some inspiring quotes which I think we should all live by.

Nrutya xx


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