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Heyy guys

I'm back, sorry I haven't blogged in a few days but look forward to many more posts in the next three months as my uni holidays will begin. WOOHOO!
So, today I though it would nice to talk about a few perfumes that I own and love. They come in the perfect size for them to be kept in your handbag when on the go and just overall smell amazing.
I got this set of perfumes my dad bought for me when he was travelling overseas and have been cherishing them ever since.
It's all from the same brand known as 'Lancome' and I think the bottles look so adorable and are suitable for presents as well.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much they are in a set together but I'm sure if you went to any body shop or perfume store they would have these scents. All these perfumes don't have pumps but are made for the purpose of applying a bit on your neck, wrist or even behind the ears if that's ideal for you.

 The first perfume which is called 'Miracle' is my personal favourite and wear it on special occasions or just whenever I feel like it. The smell at first is quite strong when first dabbed onto your wrist or neck, but gradually it has a sweeter scent. I have gotten countless amounts of compliments from friends and family whenever I use this perfume so it must smell really good.

 The next perfume which is called 'Tréson' and I think the bottle is super cute and petite. I don't really fancy this smell as it reminds me of liquor and I avoid this perfume altogether. However, in saying that my dad loves this scent so it makes me think it was probably made for men but who knows. This would have to be my least favourite scent but could be your absolute favourite.

 Moving on, this perfume called 'Tréson in love' has to be the cutest looking bottle ever. I absolutely love the little black rose around the neck of the bottle. It kind of looks like a bow tie and I adore it. This scent is also appealing as it's a pleasant smell and makes you feel sophisticated. It isn't too strong as the previous one so if you're around people they won't have trouble breathing haha (one of the things I dislike the most is when people wear really strong scents and I choke on the smell). 

This perfume called 'Hypnôse' I think is the most simplest looking bottle design yet looks super cool. I love how the bottle has the twisting effect for the smell however, it reminds me of something a rich snobby person would wear. I'm not saying that if you like this smell and prefer to wear this scent you're snobby but it just doesn't favour my nose. It has a strong scent which I think is perfect for men or women if you like a stronger aroma. This would have to be my second least favourite fragrance.

Another perfume which did not come in the set but I got as a present from a friend, from the brand 'BVLGARI' is one of my favourite scents. The funny thing about this is that the aroma is just as strong as the 'Tréson' one but this one doesn't make my nose feel tingly. I usually use this perfume when I'm going to a fancy party or dinner instead of clubbing cause it's just suits the vibe in my opinion. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and in the comments down below let me know some other perfumes that you guys are obsessed with that I need to try out.

Nrutya xx


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