Cute Stud Earrings

Heyy blog readers 

I hope everyone is having a relaxing time since it's the end of school and holiday season is upon us.
Most recently I have been wearing a lot of cute studs as pose to long flashy earrings, regardless of the occasion. These are my all time favourite earrings which I alternatively wear when I don't want to overly dress up but want to keep it chic. I also think they are super cute and affordable and can be bought at any jewellery shop. I bought these from a store called 'Equip' in Australia for $9.99 and have been completely obsessed with them. At this moment in time I am wearing the pastel pink roses hence the empty slot in the image. My go-to earrings apart from the roses in this set would also have to be the teapots because they are simply adorable. There are many other shops such as 'Louvisa' or 'Diva' that sell similar jewellery pieces. I much prefer pastel colours of any kind as I think they look beautiful and suit any skin type as well as outfits.
These shops have a range of jewellery options as well as pastel to bold colours to achieve your overall look. I'm not too sure if they ship overseas but you could easily find out through a simple Google search.

Let me know in the comments what jewellery piece/s you have been obsessed with?

Nrutya xx


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