Dior Makeup & Eyeshadow Palettes

Heyy guys

I thought today I would share with you some of the eyeshadows, lip colours and as well as some other bits I have been loving from Dior.
In all honesty I did completely forget that I owned these eyeshadow and makeup palettes, I am so glad I decided to clean out my dressing table, or else they would still be gathering dust in my makeup drawer haha. 
I bought these palettes whilst I was flying overseas and couldn't resist only buying one because I'm obsessed with everything makeup. I believe the larger Dior palette was around $80 and I think I got the smaller one for free.
The first image of the Dior makeup palette where the top section can be opened up, I have used rarely only because I loved it so much I didn't want it to be over. It comes with a selection of eyeshadows, lip colours and blushes all in a range of colours to achieve different looks. My personal favourite would have be the pinker tones on the right hand side, as it's currently summer in Australia and subtle pink tones I believe suit this particular season. You could even create a night look with the plum shimmery purple eyeshadow which I think looks beautiful.
It also comes with a lip liner, eyebrow pencil, eye liner and mascara for you to perhaps create a less intense eye makeup look, line your lips for longer lipstick wear or a natural or strong brow. However, if you're blessed with lovely thick eyebrows that don't need any filling then you could simply skip that step.
The smaller Dior eyeshadow palette has a much more neutral tone for everyday looks, but you may wish to use these tones for a night out.
All these eyeshadows come in both shimmery and matte tones suited for various skin types if applied appropriately. These are both travel size which is perfect when you have a special occasion and need a specific palette instead of carrying various makeup items.
I would also just like to add that I never use the applicators that come with a makeup set purely because, I feel they are way to small and difficult to use when it comes to blending eyeshadows or even applying lipsticks. 
I also just realised while writing this post that the mascara isn't in the palette because I already used it  since it made my lashes look amazing and clump free.

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what makeup palettes you're loving at the moment?

Nrutya xx


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