Hair Chalk

Heyy guys

Firstly, I just wanted to say hope everyone is well and ready to bring in the New Year, let's make 2015 a good one!
Recently, I decided to buy some hair chalk simply because I wanted to temporarily change up my hair colour, as pose to the boring black I have had majority of my life. I got this set of colours for around $5.00 from a party shop. It's currently on my 'Things to do in 2015' that I dye my hair ombre (a lighter brown or pink at the bottoms). I have always wanted my hair to go from a darker to lighter transition but have never got around to doing so. Hence, why I decided to experiment with hair chalk. I have yet to try it out but I have a feeling it won't show up on my hair since it is so dark, but it's worth a shot.
The colour that I'm going to go for is either pink or purple in this instance, which will be applied to the bottom half of my hair. Hopefully, it comes out on my hair and I will surely make a blog post about the result once I try it out.

If you have ever tried hair chalk let me know how it turned out and the process you went through? Let me know in the comments.

Nrutya xx

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