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These past few days I have been really into wearing lipsticks and lip glosses, whether that be just on a casual shopping day or a night out. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favourite lipsticks and lip glosses that I have been loving.

 This first lipgloss from the brand 'Model Co' in the colour Show Girl red, which I got from a gift bag at the Easter Show around a year ago. I have used majority of it as it feels so smooth on my lips, the colour is highly pigmented and also beautiful. It goes with most skin tones but isn't for everyone as the colour is quite bright. The thing I love about this lip gloss is the fact it has a mirror attached to the bottle itself, which gives the ease of applying more or touching up throughout the night. 

Another, lip gloss that I have been obsessed with is the 'RIMMEL London Provocalips' in the colour 230 Kiss Fatal which lasts for 16 hours when applied properly. It comes in two steps to achieve the long wear. The first step is to apply the colour which is highly pigmented and then the lock and shine on top of the lip gloss. I got it for around $12 at a drug store which I think is expensive but worth it since the quality is amazing.

 I never use to be a lipstick girl because I thought none of colours really suited me however, recently I have started to give it a go and use the 'Dior Addict high shine' lipstick in the colour 376 Rose Tendance/Trendy Pink. I think this colour isn't too flashy and can match any look whether it be heavy or light makeup. Again, I apologise since I don't know the price but you can just do a Google search and all the info should be there for your viewing pleasure.

This lipstick just like the previous one above came together, but I don't recall when I bought this or whether it was given to me as a present. It has also been one of my go to lipsticks which is in the colour 222 Casual Beige. I usually use this lipstick when I have bold eye makeup but I much prefer the pinker tones. Both these Dior lipsticks are creamy but aren't highly pigmented.

Finally, this lipstick from the brand 'BYS' in the colour L302 Tango is a matte red. I have always been nervous to try on red lipstick simply because I think it doesn't suit me and I might look silly wearing it, but I just thought why not give it a go. It's highly pigmented and gives your lips a matte finish if that's the desired effect you want to achieve. I bought this from a store called GLOSS for approx. $10 and have yet to wear it out.

Let me know what your go to lipsticks or lip glosses are in the comments below.

Nrutya xx 

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