My 2014 Jar

Heyy blog readers

Since it's currently New Years Eve in Australia I thought it would be a good idea to post about my 2014 jar, that I have been filling up throughout the course of this year.
I have also previously had a 2013 jar, hence I decided to continue the tradition. 
It's basically me just writing tiny little notes of the different types of experiences, memories and hurdles I have gone through which I place in this little jar.
In my opinion this is an amazing idea to just store the countless ups and downs you experience throughout your life and then read them all on New Years Day.
This also clearly shows how you shaped your life's journey and the obstacles you successfully accomplished or wish to complete the following year.
Majority, of the notes however are positive since I rather focus my time on the things I have achieved instead of the negative side of things.
I hope this inspires you to make your own 2015 jar and keep this custom going, as it's fulfilling to open up the notes and see how much you have accomplished in a year.

Let me know your New Years resolutions in the comments below, as I thought it would be fitting since it's New Years Eve.

Nrutya xx

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