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Heyy guys

I felt inspired to write a post about one of my fashion and makeup inspirations that I often try to recreate or I'm planning on recreating. Personally, I think Selena Gomez can pull of any look and is absolutely gorgeous, and I mostly get inspired on the type of clothes and makeup looks she puts together.
She doesn't seem to go over the top with her makeup which is exactly what I love and knows how to rock a red lip which I'm yet to try out.
My go-to look is usually a bold eye by using a liquid eyeliner on the top of my lash line whilst creating a flick, also making sure I apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes and on my water line I just use a black eye pencil making sure it's only half way to create the illusion of having bigger eyes.
On my lips it's usually neutral with just nude or pastel pink lipgloss or lipsticks (as you can see I stay well away from coloured lipsticks/glosses as I think it doesn't suit me).
I also usually have my hair straightened and try to make mine as voluminous as Selena's but currently it's a working progress.
She also always looks so put together when it comes to her outfits and is some what modest with the clothes she wears which I obviously love.
I'm also slightly envious of her countless heels and overall shoe collection because they are always amazing and wish I could just borrow them haha.
Some of you may not agree and that's perfectly alright because everyone has different tastes when it comes down to their preferred style.

Who are some of your fashion/makeup inspirations? Let me know in the comments below.

Nrutya xx


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