My Top 3 Mascaras

Hii guys

I cannot believe there's only five more days until 2014 is behind us and hope you had an amazing Christmas. If you don't celebrate it then hopefully you had a wonderful day.
Recently, my main staple in my make-up bag other than foundations would have to be mascaras.
I think if you invest in a good quality mascara you can't go wrong with enhancing your eyes. The worst thing about mascaras however, would have to be the ones which clump your eyelashes together, the wand not holding any of the formula on it or the substance in the bottle drying up quite  quickly.
So, I thought today I would share with you some of my all time fave mascaras which have helped my eyelashes seem bold, voluminous and clump free.

The first mascara in the brand 'MODEL co' in the colour black I got in a gift bag and absolutely love. It applies wonderfully on the lashes without any sign of clumping and is also the perfect size for ease of use. I find that sometimes the actual mascara wand is too big for the top lashes, which means it's not going anywhere near my bottom lashes to simply avoid a messy ending and running my makeup. This mascara however is the perfect size for top and bottom lashes and gives a voluminous effect without the need to constantly reapplying. Just two coats of this and your lashes will thank you! I know they sell this brand in beauty stores but not particularly sure about this specific one, but you can just visit your local mall and ask around. 

Another, one of my fave mascaras is a no brainer and would have to be 'Maybelline The Falsies' in black. It's always in my makeup bag and I always have it close by at all costs. The thing I love about this mascara is the wand, as it slightly curves and can be effortlessly applied with just two coats without any clumps. The name itself ' the falsies' says it all, giving your lashes length just like false lashes. I bought this from a store called Priceline in Australia for $19.95, which sells all beauty products at a much lower price. They have a huge range of mascaras for each individuals preference and would highly recommend this store if you live in Australia.

Finally, another one of my preferred mascaras would have to be in the 'Avon' range, as in my opinion their mascaras are amazing. It spreads on your lashes evenly and applies a generous amount of product to get your desired effect. I usually opt for a black mascara but in this case I went for a blue one, just to simply play around with the colour and create different looks. I honestly hadn't heard of the brand Avon until my mum introduced me to it and had to check out their stuff. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at just how amazing their products were quality wise, and have been obsessed with them ever since. This mascara I believe was around $4.99 on sale which I think is an incredible offer and you should head over to their website and check it out yourself if you'd like. 

What are some of your favourite mascaras? Share them in the comments below.
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Nrutya xx


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