10 Facts About Me!

Hello blog readers 

First and foremost I hope you are all doing well and the start of this year is going smoothly! 
I thought I would change it up a bit and post a facts about me instead of my usual beauty and lifestyle posts. It also gives you guys a chance to get to know me a little better and get a glimpse of my weirdness haha.
 Anyway, enough of me blabbering and let's get on with the facts.

 10 Facts About Me:
  1. I'll start off with some boring but common facts, that being my favourite colours blue and pastel pink (however it does change every time).
  2. My favourite number would have to be 8, since it's the date of my birthday and it's an even number.
  3. I love all animals especially dogs hence why I had to get one for my own after waiting for 15 long years!
  4. I have a fear of countless bugs that mainly being spiders, moths and cockroaches yuck!
  5. This might be quite a strange one or you may even relate to this, but I CANNOT stand wearing socks in bed even if it's winter haha. I literally don't even know why but I just feel like something is grasped on my foot and I need to get it off.
  6. My favourite TV shows currently would have to be American Horror Story and Pretty Little Liars.
  7. Another one of my most disliked things would have to be when people slurp their food/drink, I cannot stand it to the point I have to either tell them to stop, leave the room or I get a weird shiver.
  8. I obviously love all things to do with makeup and clothes, it's a bit of an obsession really, precisely why I decided to create this blog.
  9. My dream job would have to be either me being my own boss or working for a magazine, that would definitely be a dream come true.
  10. Last but not least I have never dyed my hair before I am not even lying, hopefully that will change this year!
I hope you enjoyed this post since it was a bit different but I just thought why not share a little bit about myself, apart from what I usual post.

Nrutya xx

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