Casual Summer Shoes

Hii guys

I hope you're all doing well, where ever in the world you may be.
Since it's currently summer in Australia which means it's constantly either 30 to 40 degrees, and it gets harder to wear a range of different shoes apart from thongs/flip flops repeatedly. 
Recently, I went shoe shopping and picked up a few pairs of flats and thongs to dress up my outfits where ever I go. You cannot go wrong with these shoes since they're comfortable, stylish and versatile.
The first being the black lace flats that I am completely obsessed with and regularly wear with countless different outfits. It's also a peep toe which means your toes are visible, a cute bow and lace along the side which makes the shoe quite lovely. I have also noticed lately that lace has been all the rage at the moment, whether that be on skirts, tops, dresses and now even shoes! I bought it in black simply because it's a versatile colour and goes with everything. These flats were on sale from a shop called TEMT for $14 and I believe are definitely a staple to have in your wardrobe.

The next pair of flats I bought from Kmart for around $15 in a cream colour. I don't usually buy shoes in this colour since they get dirty so easily however, on this occasion I couldn't resist purely for the knotted look on the shoe. I have never bought shoes with the twisty effect and I think it's time for me to venture out and find flats with other decorations apart from bows. It also looks rather stylish and I can most certainly tell you they are also very comfortable. I wear them with leggings or dresses  majority of the time and they completely pull my outfit together. These are also perfectly if you haven't painted your toe nails and no one will ever know. Let's be honest I most certainly don't paint my nails that often simply because it takes forever to dry and then they get chipped, and it's just that constant cycle all the time!

Anyway, the last pair of thongs/flip flops I bought were from either Target or Payless shoes for $15, and the straps are pink with a gold circle design on the front. I think especially if you live in a country where summertime means you are constantly in thongs since it's that hot. This might mean you usually just wear plain rubber thongs/flip flops and it's quite nice to change it up and buy some stylish thongs/flip flops to dress up an outfit. Hence, why I decided to buy these thongs if I'm going out to chill with my friends and want to wear some open shoes that look cute and chic.
I would also like to add that all these shoes are in size 7, I know I have small feet but what can you do haha.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and let me know what your go-to shoes for the summer are in the comments below.

Nrutya xx

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