Cosmo Coffee

Hii guys

I hope everyone is having an amazing day and occupying their time wisely these summer holidays, because before you know it will be time for school or uni again!
Yesterday I decided it was time to catch up with a few of my friends and just surround myself with some good company. The whole day was practically making spontaneous decisions on where to eat, hang out and just chat really.
We decided to have lunch at a place called Cosmo Coffee and I honestly must say if you want to be satisfied for the rest of day, this is the place to be! The food here is also incredibly filling just as a side note.
I decided to get myself a chicken and avocado sandwich because if you know me I love avocado and will pounce on it any chance I get hehe. The only down side of that massive sandwich would have to be the amount of cheese it had, but other than that I loved it.
My other friend decided to get a chocolate oreo thick shake I believe, which I totally regret not purchasing since it was delicious.
This was my first time going to this cafe which is kind of weird since it's local, regardless it was a relaxing and fun environment to catch up and I would definitely recommend this place.

Nrutya xx


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