Nude by Nature & Natio Makeup Brushes

Heyy guys

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer break if you're in Australia, if not then hopefully a great day!
Today I thought I would write a post about the makeup brushes that I use quite often and have been one of my favourite things apart from makeup. You can't go wrong with a good quality set of makeup brushes that are soft and long lasting.
 I may have already previously posted about these brushes but only briefly and thought they deserve to be raved about more, since they have made my makeup application seem flawless.
My go-to brushes would have to be the 'Nude by nature' brushes simply because they have served me well throughout the past year. They come in a travel size zip up bag which is always useful and a set of six brushes along with a sharpener. I use each individual brush according to what I believe they can be best used for. It comes with a blush, foundation, eyeshadow, liner and blending brush that I think are the softest things whilst using on my face. There is nothing worse than purchasing makeup brushes that are rough and the bristles constantly falling off and ruining your whole makeup look.
These however, are the complete opposite and well worth investing on.
I got these for around $20 from Target and I'm not too sure if they still sell these but if you ever get a chance to buy these I would highly recommend them.
Finally, the two white 'Natio' blusher brushes I purchased separately from a drug store for $5 each, simply because while I was travelling I forgot to take my makeup brushes and had to settle for these two whoops!
Nonetheless, I usually use these for powdering once I have completely applied my foundation and concealer on my face.

Let me know in the comments  any other good quality makeup brushes, because you can never have too many haha! 

Nrutya xx


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