Maybelline New York | Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner

Heyy guys

Today I thought I would post about one of my fave liquid eyeliners that I have recently purchased, and has made it easier to apply and create cat eye flicks. I love a good black liquid eyeliner since it's my go-to makeup item to really give a dramatic effect to my eye area. It also makes your eyes noticeably "pop" and seem bigger. It essentially pulls the whole makeup look together with either a cat eye flick or a simple line above the lashes.
The Maybelline New York Hyper glossy liquid eyeliner definitely helps me create various looks and is super easy to use. The thin brush on the eyeliner helps to gradually create an intense or subtle look on the eyes according to your preference. It is as it suggests 'hyper glossy' which evidently makes smaller eyes seem larger and is also waterproof.
The great thing about this eyeliner is the fact even if it's waterproof, it doesn't take forever to wash off  and doesn't smudge either. This makes it so much easier when having to wash off makeup at the end of the day before bed and avoiding looking like a panda in the process.
Don't get me wrong it took me a lot of practice to perfect the cat eye flick and get the wing right but this eyeliner definitely helped in doing so. I bought this eyeliner from a drug store for around $15 which might be a bit pricey for some of you, but I always prefer quality instead of quantity since it will be applied on my face.
My next mission will have to be trying out coloured eyeliner since they are all the rage at the moment.

Let me know any other amazing eyeliners that I should try out in the comments below and I might give them a go!

Nrutya xx


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