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I'm sure you all know the trend #Dearme floating around the inter webs, as well as some youtubers making videos on what they would tell their younger self. If you have no idea what I'm talking about just have a look on youtube and I'm sure you'll find plenty of videos addressing this topic. I also know I'm a tad bit late to write about this hashtag, but I always say better late than never!
Let's get straight into it because I know I will be here forever writing a long list of things I shouldn't really have been worried about when I was younger haha.
Dear me, 
  • you don't have to impress everyone you meet along the way.
  • not everyone is going to like you no matter how amazing of a person you are, and that's ok.
  • it's perfectly fine to have a small group of friends who like you for you.
  • being popular in school doesn't mean a thing and isn't an achievement. 
  • don't stress too much about what job you want when you're older, everything will play out when it's meant to.
  • don't regret becoming friends with those certain people in high school, they evidently taught you a lesson which will help you learn and grow.
  • you don't have to please everyone.
  • and last but not least, I always tell myself this but to my younger self it would most definitely be quality over quantity! 

Let me know three things you would tell your younger self in the comments below and hope you enjoyed this post!

Nrutya xx


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