What Have I Been Up To?

Heyy guys

I feel as though I need to explain a few things on the reason I haven't been blogging lately.
The main culprit would obviously have to be uni!! I have been drowning in assignments, quizzes and presentations ever since the beginning of the new semester. But I'll have you know, that I will be getting back into posting more often once all these assignments die down. I know it will all be worth it at the end, which also means sacrificing my social life woohoo yeah great! (*note sarcasm*)
I am currently on Semester/ Easter break but that still means more assignments due in the holidays *sigh*. 
I really miss looking forward to posting on my blog, which makes it that much exciting once I get back in the rhythm of things. 
I hope you understand and will look forward to more exciting posts soon.
And with that I'll leave you with this motivational quote, so anyone else who needs that little push can power through these assessments.

Lots of love,
Nrutya xx

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