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 Happy June! It is now officially winter in Australia, which means cosy sweaters, fluffy socks, hot chocolate and lots of book time. I personally do love colder months, especially since I have uni holidays in a week and can just snuggle up at home. On another note it's been way too long since my last blog post so I thought why not post one today!

Since it's winter and the holidays are approaching I have loved nothing more than sitting down, snuggled up on the couch and getting lost in a good book (and doing assessments on the side too). 
Recently, I have finished reading Paper Towns by John Green and as you all know he is one of my favourite authors and I can never get enough of his books. 

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Ever since I read the book 'The Fault in Our Stars' and realised it was coming out with a movie, which I was over the moon about. I have wanted to read all the books John Green had published. It's an obsession really haha.
This story seemed different and caught my attention since it seemed like a mystery/thriller from the blurb, as well as having an interesting title. In all honesty though, I wasn't too sure if I would enjoy this book, since a lot of people kept telling me it was boring and the ending was disappointing, however I pushed their opinions aside and gave it a try.
I was pleasantly surprised, as the story had me hooked from the first page and I literally read it in three days!
On top of that, a few weeks later it was announced that there would be a film coming out around June/July of 2015, which I most definitely will be watching. I would recommend reading this book especially since a film is coming out, any chance you get.

 I hope you enjoyed this post and it has made you want to read and step away from electronic devices, since we don't tend to read books as much as we should. Let me know any other books that I should give a try and remember it's alright to be a book worm!

Nrutya xx


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