One Year Of Blogging!

Helloo there

A few days ago, the 22nd of July to be exact has been exactly a year since I started this blog! I couldn't be happier on starting this journey that I have always wanted to do but have been afraid of starting. It actually blows my mind that each time I post a new blog post there are people who I have never met going out of their way to read and comment on my posts. I will never get over that feeling of what I am writing actually gets read by numerous people and they seem to enjoy it. 

Things like this don't happen to someone like me and I am honestly so grateful for those of you that enjoy reading what I have decided to post. I have always loved writing and I see it as my escape from reality for a while and my happy place.

On that note, I would like to share my Twitter (nrutya08) which if any of you want to follow me on are welcome to do so. I come on as much as I can however, since uni starts in a couple of days I may not be online as often.  Also be prepared for my weird and strange tweets haha.

Thanks for sticking by me and I cannot wait for what lies ahead :)

Lots of Love
Nrutya xx

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