Winter Candle Obsessed

Heyy guys

How is everyone doing? I hope you're great and having a fabulous holiday, whether that be winter or summer.
I thought today I would talk about particular candle scents I have been loving in these cooler months. There is nothing more I love than getting cosy in my room and lighting some lovely smelling candles whilst reading or just chilling watching a movie.
I usually pick candles with a fruity or floral scent since they appeal to me the most and always remind me of the warmer months. I also tend to be drawn to citrus scents since they always smell so amazing. However, I'm not fussy about the smell of candles as long as they smell great I will be drawn to it!

All the candles that I am going to be talking about are either bought from a shop called 'Dusk' or a random candle/home ware store. Dusk usually sell everything from lanterns, different shaped and scented candles to just pretty ornaments. if you are interested they have a website you can check out and have a little look.

Price: $6
 The first candle that I usually light up in my room cause it smells amazing is just one from a random home ware shop in the mall. It has a vanilla scent which is so sweet and lovely and doesn't effect your nose or cause headaches. There is nothing worse than getting a candle and once you light it the strong fumes make it unbearable breathe. The added bonus of this candle is that even if you haven't lit it you are able to smell it in the room, which is a sign it's a good candle!

Approx: $6
This candle once again I got from a home ware store which has a lovely rose scent. You would be surprised how many great candles are sold in shops that are not dedicated just for candles. Once again this candle releases it's scent without having being lit which is always a good thing in my opinion. You also can't go wrong with an amazing scent like rose engulfing any room.

Approx: $9
The last but not least candle that I have recently grown to love is the 'Organix Mandarin and Bergamot' scent, which is also infused in essential oils making it a wonderful smelling candle. I wasn't much of a citrus scent lover since the many other candles that I have tried weren't the best, however this particular one proved to be amazing and became one of my favourites. The aroma isn't too strong but lighting this candle for at least 15min and then blowing it out will leave your room smelling sweet and lovely. It comes in frosted glass with a lid on top to blow out the candle an alternative way.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it!
Let me know in the comments below any other candle scents or stores I should give a try since I am obsessed haha.

Nrutya xx

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