All about the Eyebrows!

Helloo lovely readers

I hope everyone is having a great day, regardless if you're at school/uni.
I thought today I would talk about my eyebrow routine and whether you should wax or thread them, as well as their benefits. I personally have tried out both waxing and threading of my eyebrows at around ninth grade because I was feeling quite insecure of them and it was around the time for a wedding in my family.

I always feel as though shaping your eyebrows frames your entire face, hence comes the decision of either waxing or threading. Through my experience of waxing my brows it is by far less painful than threading, however I personally feel it takes off more hair and leaves them a bit uneven. Nonetheless, I came to realise from various bloggers and people around me mentioning that your eyebrows are sisters not twins, which made me feel a lot better about my brows. I would say if you are getting your eyebrows done for the first time it would be ideal to get them waxed, just so you could get the feel of it. It usually lasts for around a month depending on how hairy your brows are however, when I use to get them waxed they grew back far quicker than threading did.
It is also vital you leave it to the professional to get your brows touched up rather than doing it yourself to save any unwanted accidents of taking too much hair off. I'm lucky in that departement of never trying to fix my own eyebrows when I was younger, so thank goodness for that haha!
 A reminder to you all that you shouldnt feel pressured in wanting to do your brows ever and do them when YOU feel you want them done. Don't listen to people who constantly pressure you to get them done, whether that be your friends or family because it's your face and only you're entitled to make that decision.

The only aspect of my eyebrows that I love is they're quite thick and I never have to fill them in which is a bonus. I was blessed with thick eyebrows which I never used to like, not gonna lie but have grown to love them as they set me apart from the others! I also don't particularly have a 'routine' as such since my eyebrows dont need filling, but I do just give them a brush with a spoolie just to keep them in place. I use the NUDE by nature spoolie

I hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing day! :)

Nrutya xx

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