July Favourites

Heyy guys

I actually cannot believe it's already the beginning of August and I'm off holidays again, getting back to uni and drowning in assignments. It seems like the months just fly past if you don't take a moment to cherish them and live in the now!
Anyway, enough of the sappiness as I thought I would post about what I have been loving in the month of July. Hence, the title of this blog post.
Mind you these favourites are going to be completely random and not just beauty and fashion related, so I hope you enjoy!

The first item that I pretty much used majority of July was the Model Co eyeshadow palette. I mainly stuck with the gold colour which I think compliments my brown eyes. It also isn't too shimmery but just enough so it's perfect for nights out or even just for a day look.
However, I do want to venture into the darker side of this palette meaning the navy blue but maybe that can be for another day!
Also, if you're wondering why the applicator it comes with hasn't been touched, it's because I prefer using my own makeup brushes for better application.

The next two items that I also reached out for among the millions of other lip glosses were the BYS and Model Co. I usually tend to stick to quite nude colours or the odd pink gloss since I think I can rock those the most. The pink lipgloss I mostly wear on special occasions or nights out and usually stick to the nude gloss for the times I go to uni or lunch dates with friends.

BYS lipgloss in 03 It's a Bling Thing & Model Co. lipgloss in Showgirl Red
Another, item not makeup related but more on the fashion side that I have been wearing a lot in July would have to be this faux fur vest. I decided to go for the black and grey one simply because it's a versitale colour and goes with everything. It also has pockets which are not quite visible nonetheless, its a bonus. You can dress it up or down according to your preference and always go for faux fur instead of real fur, you will be doing a huge favour for those beautiful animals!

ICE: $20

The next item which is completely random but I had to put it in my favourites is obviously hot chocolate from Coles. Since it is still currently winter in Australia I have been drinking a lot of hot chocolate every chance I get! It comes in small individual sachets of 10 which you just pour into a mug with boiling water, stir and add some marshmallows of course.          

Last but not least, the documentary Blackfish which was recommended to me and noticed it was on Netflix was the best decision I ever made choosing to watch it. I'm not going to spoil it for you guys but it's basically about Orcas taken away from their families and natural habitat and put into Sea world for our entertainment. It also follows one specific Orcas story which makes me so sad thinking about it. I would highly recommend this documentary as it has for sure opened my eyes on this particular issue.      

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know your top 5 favourites in the comments below!

Nrutya xx 


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