21st Birthday Celebrations

Helloo lovelies

I hope every single one of you reading this is doing well and is having a blast at whatever you're doing today!
Yesterday, I was lucky enough to celebrate my 21st birthday with a few of my friends at one of my all time favourite chefs restaurant, 'Jamie's Italian Trattoria' aka Jamie Oliver. I came across this restaurant by a few suggestions from my uni friends who have said a lot of positive things about this place so I had to give it a try.
It was no doubt quite busy since it was a Saturday night, however the atmosphere of the restaurant itself was quiet excitable and high energy. It got me all excited to eat as I was so hungry!

Once, we were all finally seated we decide to get a drink to start off the meal. I went for the 'Apple and Strawberry Mojito' which was insanely good that I didn't want it to be over! We also decided to order some garlic bread to share as a side dish which again was delicious. 

Strawberry and Apple Mojito
Fancy Garlic Bread
Eventually, we decided what we wanted for our mains, because personally everything on the menu sounded so good I had a hard time choosing! It was also the first time that I actually finished my whole meal which obviously meant I was hungry and it was insanely tasty.
Unfortunately, we didn't have any dessert since we were so full and couldn't possibly eat anymore.

Nonetheless, it was a fulfilled night catching up and taking loads of photos!

Vegetable Rotolo Al Forno 
Prawn Linguine pasta 
Chicken with mushroom sauce, rocket and cheese 

I would highly recommend this restaurant located in Sydney, Parramatta if you live close by, since I had such a good time and I didn't have to wait ages for the food to arrive, woohoo!
Hope you enjoyed this post and the few selfies I decided to add!

 Lots of love,
Nrutya xx

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