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Heyy guys

It has honestly been so long since I last posted a blogpost about anything and this is the result of uni taking over my life. However, I always view it as a good thing that I don't constantly post for the sake of posting, but want to give you guys something worth reading as well as me enjoying writing about it. I hope you understand and will stick by me even through those times where I feel less inspired!
Anyway, it is currently spring in Australia meaning it is warmer, the bugs are out of hiding and most of all the days are longer, which is my personal favourite aspect of this time of year. 

So, I thought why not write about a few things I have been reaching out for in these warmer months. Spring is one of my favourite seasons ever apart from Autumn as all the flowers have bloomed and everything just seems a lot more happier. Aside, from the weather being beautiful and sunny constantly it also means trying to stay cool yet stylish. I personally find wearing makeup in the hotter months quite annoying as the foundation or eye makeup never seem to stay in place. 

Which is why I recently opted for a good quality primer. A primer was never something I ever owned as I felt like it was just another product for my face that everyone seemed to rave about. Despite, not following the crowd I caved into buying one and it honestly changed my life in terms of my makeup staying in place. I decided to go for the 'Australis Primer' which does exactly what it states on the package and I couldn't be happier. I find that my foundation, concealer and my eye makeup stay in place for the reminder of the day which is always a good thing, especially when its super hot and you're constantly sweating.

 I also tend to wear a lot more BB cream with the added bonus of SPF 15 in the hotter months, instead of foundation since it feels a lot more lighter on my skin. The Rimmel BB cream is something I have already talked about in a previous post and I find it being a product I always reach out for. I would recommend ditching foundation to just special occasions in warmer months, but then again each to their own.

Another, thing I find to be quite essential in spring or summer is sunglasses. It is obvious why this is in my essentials and I don't think I need to go in depth about about this one. Any brand or price of sunnies is fine, but personally I prefer buying good quality sunglasses since it protects my eyes from the harsh sun raise. The ones that are shown below I got as a present for my 21st birthday from my parents in the brand 'BVLGARI' in a cat eye style. I'm in no way trying to show off, I just decided to put this into my essentials as I find everyone needs sunglasses in summer. Also, perhaps any of you might want to buy something similar or this exact one!     

This is also a no brainer but I much prefer water instead of juice or soft drinks to keep myself hydrated. It is always hard to remember to drink a bottle of water everyday as we get busy and often forget. But it is also vital to drink plenty of water, so let this be a reminder to all of you currently in spring/summer. 

Finally, in terms of fashion I find wearing a kaftan over your swim wear is the perfect combo when going to the beach or the pool. It is something I love wearing and the colour complements your skin especially when it's tan. The colour yellow also screams spring/summer and is comfortable and airy which you can't go wrong.

I hope you enjoyed this post and in the comments below tell me your essentials as I am interested to have a little snoop.
Remember I appreciate all of you who go out of your way to read my posts! :)

Nrutya xx 


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