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It has been feeling a lot like summer lately with the temperatures well into the 30s and 40s. This means being more cautious of how long you're exposed out in the sun and keeping well hydrated. Personally, I much prefer staying at home when you step out for 5 min and your body feels like it will light on fire at any moment. There is nothing worse than being sweaty, when you're all dressed up and your hair going frizzy from the humidity. I thought I would tell you some of my fave apps that I have been using lately whilst I'm at home finding other ways to entertain myself.  
Besides, the obvious such as Netflix, reading or just being on social media constantly. These apps range from fashion, music to just some addictive games I have been obsessed with.  

The first app which I have been on constantly is fashion related in my opinion, although people usually also use it for other purposes when they're unable to find products, films etc. It's called 'The Hunt' and I find it so useful when I stumble upon an outfit that I have no clue where to buy. The app is easy to download and signing up only needs your email or Facebook account. It essentially allows you to upload a photo of any item that you may have trouble finding, also letting you choose your preferable price range and if you want the exact top or something similar. Then you simply post to the main feed and other users will help you find the item, which you can end up buying!  I recommend you give this app a try and it's free too.

The second app which I have recently discovered is the game called 'Two Dots'. This is perfect for those times you're so bored that you just want to be occupied with something to help time go faster. It's quite addicting and I honestly haven't been able to stop playing ever since I downloaded it for free. I am currently up to level 11 but my phone died half way through leaving me unable to play for a few minutes haha. I know *first world problems*.

Another, app which I have been using in moderation since it does use your internet data is 'Spotify'. I am sure you're all familiar with it since it allows you to stream music for free with the highest quality. The only down side is if you don't have a premium account it doesn't allow you to shuffle or skip to a certain amount unless you use it on a laptop or buy it. Nonetheless, I use it on the occasion when I'm on my laptop to listen to the latest tunes. It's also a bonus if you can't buy an album or want to listen to it first before making your decision.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments below what other apps you have been obsessed with, so I can also download some haha :)

Nrutya xx 

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