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Helloo lovelies

How are you all guys doing? I hope it's a yes and that you're all having a fabulous day! Since it's currently the summer holidays for my uni, I have been taking advantage of my free time and venturing out to try new and exciting things. Recently, I decided to stop at The Vogue Cafe whilst shopping with one of my friends. It's something that I have heard many people rave about and constantly recommended this place to me. I'm pretty sure this cafe relies on 'word of mouth' and the power of social media, rather than common promotional material, which astounds me on how far the world has progressed and how popular this cafe is!  This cafe is a literal heaven for all things Instagram also being very Tumblr appropriate. You will most definitely catch yourself taking photos of everything if you allowed yourself to. The whole vibe is fun and atheistically pleasing to look at that you want to instantly be part of the environment. The only thing that I didn't like about the cafe was the overall location which was near a car park, other than that everything was perfect!

Anyway, when we finally got seated I decided to go for a refreshing drink since it was so hot out. I ended up getting the Nutella Milkshake which was so good that I salivate even thinking about it to this current day. However, it wasn't any ordinary milkshake with an ice cream cone stuffed with lollies, wiped cream and even a chocolate brimmed glass. You honestly couldn't go wrong!
I also opted for a vegetarian risotto dish since I have never actually tried it before  with the side of chips. But I will say I most certainly could not finish the whole dish, meaning it obviously had to be brought home. If bringing home a dish isn't a sign the food was great I don't know what is.
I would recommend this cafe if you want a relaxing time after a long day of shopping or just want to enjoy some delicious food. Although, I'm not too sure if this cafe is around anywhere else apart from Sydney but it doesn't hurt to go on a little hunt online.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it has made you want to try out something new that you have never before.
Let me know any other cute cafes or restaurants that you might think I would enjoy since I'm all about food :)

Nrutya xx 

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