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Helloo there

How is everyones day going? I hope it's wonderful which it no doubt should be so close to Christmas! I thought today I would discuss the topic on actually making time for people in your life you care about. In todays society everything just seems like such as big rush whether it be going to work, uni or school. We often feel like we are constantly bombarded with life's stresses and there is no escaping it. This can mean losing contact with friends and family just trying to get through everyday life's challenges, instead of just stepping back and taking a breather. 
It is so easy to constantly say you're busy and that you have no time for any socialising. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from assignments and work and forcing yourself to meet up with a friend you haven't for so long or just have a catch up with family through Skype. 

I always tell myself if someone truly wanted to hang out and just spend time doing whatever possible with you they would make time. No person is ever constantly busy as they too would take breaks and live life. You essentially make time for yourself if you want to without anyones permission. At the end of the day whenever you choose to hang out with someone you make time from your busy schedule to spend it with them, no one forces you to. So next time someone or even you wants to hang out and frees their time from hectic life commitments, appreciate it and give them your full attention.  Not gonna lie but this is also something I need to remind myself more often to do and it doesn't hurt letting someone you adore know you miss them!

I feel as though this quote sums up what I am trying to say in this blog post and maybe next time go out of your way to call or even text someone you haven't in a while. I guarantee you will feel a lot happier as well as the person you thought about.

Nrutya xx 

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