Gift Guide | Valentine's Day

Heyy lovelies

How are you all doing? I hope it's great and everyone is doing well. Today, I thought I would write about that time of day again... Valentine's Day! Personally, I don't bother too much about Valentine's since I just view it as any other day. However, I thought many of my readers may have a significant other they would like to show their appreciation for or just simply send one to a close friend. I have come up with a few suggestions that you may want to consider if you're stumped on a gift or simply  want to gain some inspiration.

The first item which I believe you cannot go wrong with is a box of chocolates along with a cute teddy bear, balloons and a card made from scratch. There is nothing better than actually spending time making a gift rather than buying one!

The second items that would be perfect for valentine's in my opinion is jewellery or even a perfume. You honestly can't go wrong with that as they can be both for males and females.

Another, plan for Valentine's could even be staying in and perhaps cooking for each other whilst being all cosy watching a movie. Sometimes the smallest of gestures speak the loudest!

On another note, all the things I have just mentioned are simply just things I find adorable and in no means viewed as the 'right' thing to do. Let your imagination flow and do something unique if you want to, its the thought that counts! And I hope you all have a....

Nrutya xx          


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