Things I love about Summer

Helloo lovely readers

I have missed posting on my blog quite a bit, it's just that I haven't been inspired to post anything worthwhile.
However, I thought I would write about certain things I love and look forward to in the warmer months.
Currently, it is summer in Australia but it hasn't felt like that lately. There is more rain and storm clouds than clear blue skies. Aside from that I am not complaining because it also means a 4 month break from uni! I can finally not neglect my blog and try give you more content yay :)
There is nothing more I love and look forward to than spring/summer and the long days to do more things. Not gonna lie but I much prefer days when it's more pleasant rather than an intense heat wave nonetheless, here are some of the things that make me truly happy this time of year:

1. Blue Skies

2. Flowers

3. Sandals

4. Ice cream

5. Movie dates

6. Pastel colours

7. Reading a lot more books

8. Longer days

I hope you enjoyed this post even though it is a bit different from the usual.
Nonetheless, let me know what you love about the warmer months?

Nrutya xx  


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