21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Helloo wonderful readers 

How are you all? I hope it's great where ever you guys are in the world!
I feel as though these couple of months there have been a lot of 21st parties and the struggle of finding or thinking of gift ideas is quite a challenge at times.
So I thought why not write a post all about different gift ideas for that special someone! This is no means the expected gifts to give, you can customise them however you would like.
There is nothing more meaningful than to put in the effort of creating something different to show someone how much you mean to them on their 21st.

A scrapbook of all the photos and notes stating inside jokes, memories and just some sentimental messages could be an option. It does take a while since I did opt for this option for one of my best friends but it's fulfilling when it's done. Plus you get to reminisce the good times you had that you might have forgotten.

Another option could be to give jewellery if it's a female but in today's changing society it is perfectly fine to consider this option for a male friend of yours if they fancy it. Recently, the hype for rose gold jewellery has risen and I'm for sure guilty of it being one of my go-to colours. It's simple and goes with every coloured outfit which is a bonus. You can even wrap it up in cute boxes with ribbon tied around it to give it that extra special touch of your own.

Aside from jewellery which you cannot go wrong with in my opinion is makeup. Everyone loves makeup and I bet when they have received some they would most certainly have loved it. In this particular, instance I am going along the lines of Kylie Jenner Lip Kits which have been all the rave lately. It can also be noted that not everyone can afford them or get their hands on one since they sell out in literally 30 seconds *sad face*. But there is the possibility of getting dupes instead which have similar colours and are much more affordable.
Not gonna lie I would for sure love to get myself a Kylie Lip Kit just as the next person, but the chances of that happening are slim.

On the topic of sentimental gifts, a mood jar would also be ideal as a lot of thought has gone into personally writing the messages for that person. You could perhaps even make a jar all about 21 reasons why they brighten up your day along with other random uplifting messages for them to open when they feel upset or even need a boost of confidence. This will most certainly make their 21st birthday even more special when it comes to an end.

  These gift ideas are only suggestions and if you have a better idea feel free to incorporate them with my suggestions or scrap them entirely. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even gave a few gift suggestions for any future 21st parties coming up.
Let me know what sort of posts you would like to see on this blog, I'm always happy to take them on board.

Lots of love,
Nrutya xx

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