Positive Vibes

Heyy everyone

I didn't want to post anything on here that is negative, disheartening or political. I wanted this blog to be a space for people to read what I have to say and distract themselves from issues they are facing in reality. This blog is intended to focus on the positive and light-hearted topics to make someone just for a few minutes forget about their problems. This blog also allows me to distract myself from issues I go through in my life and I hope it does the same for others. 

However lately, I have felt I needed to address the problems that have been going on in the world. It feels as though every now and again a tragic incident occurs to innocent people around the world who in my eyes don't deserve it. I am sure you guys have flicked through channels on TV and landed on the News to see another fatal bombing or terrible occurrence. 
There has been so much negativity in the world lately and it makes me want to give up hope on humanity until I see a selfless act by another human which restores my view for the moment.

       This got me thinking about how each and every one of our actions has a role to play in someone else's life. The world already has unnecessary hatred ensued in it and it's hard to sometimes feel positive or even make someone else feel positive. We as humans should not be spreading hate on to others but try to be kind, loving, nurturing and humble. There is already so much negativity in the world and I don't think any more hatred should be added. I'm not saying you have to be happy 24/7 because that is unrealistic but try to give more than take. Even the smallest bit of kindness is  guaranteed to be appreciated by someone.

It is important to reassure yourself that there are kindhearted people out there in what sometimes feels like a terrible world.  
I have decided to attach some quotes to inspire the spread of positive vibes and I hope whoever is reading this does something kind for someone today and every day.                

Lots of Love
Nrutya xx


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