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Heyy wonderful readers

How is everyone going? I hope it's all good and everyone is feeling splendid. These couple of days I have been thinking about certain things about myself that I would like to change to be the best person I can be. I sure this isn't a new topic which has not been discussed but I decided I would express my opinion on this issue. Lately, I have noticed that I tend to apologise in circumstances where an apology isn't necessary. For instance, whilst getting on a bus and I have to squeeze through people to get to a seat. Instead of saying excuse me I opt for the word 'sorry'. This often happens without even me noticing that I have apologised for no apparent reason.
However, this obviously doesn't apply in situations where saying sorry is perfectly acceptable and not out of context. This issue got me thinking one day when I had to prepare a presentation for a uni assignment. We had to pick a campaign conducted online and explain the components that were vital to make it successful. Through my research, I stumbled across Pantene's #sorrynotsorry campaign and it got me wondering about my habit of unnecessarily apologising. Is there such thing as apologising too much? 
I feel as though this might be an unpopular opinion or I'm just overthinking everything. It is also said women tend to apologize a lot more than men which is debatable in my opinion.   
I'll link the video below so anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about can check it out. 

Nonetheless, I believe we as women should be more confident and not worry too much about seeming rude towards others in situations where a sorry isn't needed. In this day and age women are expected to act and look a certain way to be accepted in society, or else we are judged and labelled horrible things as a sign of justifying our mannerisms. I guess for this reason I understand why this campaign focuses on women standing up for themselves and not always being sorry.     

 I will give this a try and see how effective this really is without being rude. It's always interesting to see both sides of an issue and see what people's opinions are about them.
  Hence, I would like to know what you guys think about this issue of whether it's realistic or if it's over the top?

Lots of Love
           Nrutya xx            


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