Things that make me happy

Helloo lovelies

It has truly been a while since I have put up a post and I do feel guilty. But, life kind of took over with a side of responsibilities haha. Nonetheless, I convinced myself to take a few hours for myself and write about things that bring me joy. I think it's important to often stop and take in your surroundings since life is always so fast paced and we can get lost in it.
So, I decided to reflect upon my day and mention some of the aspects that made me feel happiness.
I don't really know how to introduce this so I'll just get right into it.

1. The fresh smell of flowers on a Spring day

2. Patting a dog or even just spending some quality time with my dog Snoopy.

3. Smiling at a random stranger and them smiling back

4. Not wearing makeup in a public place and being unphased by it

5. Going for walks with my dog

6. The colours in the sky from a sunset

7. Listening to the perfect song that reflects your mood

8. Rainbows after a sun shower

9. When the clouds look so fluffy you just want to lay in it

10. When your eyeliner flick is perfect on the first go, also on both eyes haha

11. Watching the trees and flowers sway in the breeze whilst I chill

12. Watching a movie with friends

13. When my dog is so excited to see me once I return home *honestly the cutest thing ever :)*

14. Sleep ins after you've had a long day

15. Spontaneous trips to new and exciting places 

I know this post has been a bit weird but I promise you I will be able to post a lot more once I'm on holidays, which is fairly soon.
Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed this relaxed and reflective post, let me know a few things that make you happy in the comments below! :)



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