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Hello there,

It has been too long since I last posted anything on my blog and it has truly made me miss it!
You're all probably wondering what I have been doing or you couldn't care less haha.
If you for some reason do care I had taken time for myself and stepped away from my blog for a few months.
However, I have also been overseas site seeing in India and for a wedding. I truly enjoyed myself as I hadn't been overseas in 7 years which honestly felt like so much more. It allowed me to just relax and spend time with family who I don't get to see that often, which was lovely!

It also helped me learn so much more about my culture and the different types of people who live in the place I was born, especially the long, crazy and enjoyable process of an Indian wedding!

Despite, my absence from constantly updating my blog it has made me want to continue on this adventure and see where it takes me. In 2017 I hope you guys will stick around for many more blog posts which may be interesting, random or just plain weird. I'm still enjoying writing for my little corner on the web and I hope you will continue to read what I have to say.

I'll leave you with a few photos of my adventures in India and maybe post a part 2 of my trip to India soon.
Let me know in the comments below what places you have visited or would like to visit in the future?

Riding a camel whilst laughing to mask the fear of falling haha

finally visited the Taj Mahal
Observing the statue 

The entrance of a garden made for a princess with man-made water features

Lots of Love
Nrutya xx


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