March Favourites

Heyy guys

This post has been a long time coming and I would have posted this sooner but I have been preoccupied with lifes obstacles, I know how dramatic haha.
Anyway I thought since we are well into April why not do a March favourites, so we can talk about all the things we've been obsessed with throughout the previous month.
In the month of March there were a few bits that I purchased which I deprived myself from giving a chance.
You guys might be shocked at what product this may be and judge me on it, but honestly I'm judging myself just as much!

This first product which I don't really know why I didn't purchase sooner since it has become a staple in my makeup routine, is none other than a beauty blender or makeup sponge. It's perhaps that I dont always follow the new beauty trends and some products being over hyped. Maybe I just prefer my brushes or fingers to do the job. Hence, the shift to a beauty blender to apply foundation has truly proven that it works just as well! Also, they aren't all that expensive if you get them in a pack instead of a single sponge and they last just as long. I opted for the brand Chi Chi which I'm pretty sure is an Australian brand and it hasn't disappointed.
They come in different shapes for various uses from under eye concealer to the application of foundation. If you haven't already grabbed some I would recommend you do so and give it a try.  

Chi Chi Blending Sponge: $15  
In addition to beauty blenders I have also been loving the Body Shop shower gels and gel lotions which I have never tried before. I have mentioned using some other body shop products in a previous post but never any of their lotions or shower products. However, since my lovely cousin gifted it to me I had to give it try and it honestly is the most refreshing and fragrant products I have tried.
It smells exactly as the packaging describes and who doesn't love the smell of strawberries and rose on their body!
If you happen to have a body shop near you I would have a little browse since their products are quite lovely and you might even like some other products they offer.  
The Body Shop Softening Gel Lotion in Strawberry 
The Body Shop Shower Gel in British Rose

Another, product or a sort of diary that I have been filling out in March and much of April can be summed up as a reflection to moments in life book. I got given this by my dad and I thought it was such a cute idea to write down a few things each day on what you're grateful for. It's not often that we really think about things we cherish and the people surrounding us in our busy, day to day lives. Hence, why I thought this book was a good reminder to jot down moments throughout the day that I felt grateful for. This might sound cheesy and lame to some of you but little things like this allow you to reflect on things you often tend to miss in life. 
I have been filling it out every night without fail so far but I'm not going to lie and say I haven't missed a day or two. Despite this I have been committed to filling out a page each day and I think some of you might want to do the same. 
And if you're interested you can visit the website: to check their other stuff out. 

Mini Gratitude Journal 

Aside, from beauty and body related products I have also been watching a lot of Netflix in between assignments since It's currently uni holidays. It's not often a show impacts me that much or makes me really think about a particular situation in my past but this show has definitely done that. I'm sure majority of you guys have heard about '13 Reasons Why' being talked about a lot since it's release and It's perfectly understandable.
I won't spoil anything for those who havent seen it yet but I urge you to give it a chance but be aware of the warnings before certain episodes. It can be quite intense and heartbreaking but these issues need to be spoken about and not kept quiet. I would have binged watched it but I found it quite intense so I took breaks between episodes but this is definitely binge worthy.
This show in my opinion needs to be watched by everyone regardless of age and a conversation needs to be had on these issues that sadly happen everyday.    

On that note, it feels good to be blogging once again and I hope you enjoyed this post.
Let me know in the comments below on what made your March favourites or even just a cute message!

Lots of love
Nrutya xx


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