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Helloo there

How is everyone going? I hope it's all well and you're making the most of your holidays where ever you are! (that is if you guys are on break!)
It was about time I posted something on my blog which I always tend to miss when it's been several months since my last update.
Besides working and uni taking over my life, I did watch Wonder Woman at the cinemas with my family a couple days ago the moment I got a chance. However, it did have me sceptical at first since previous DC movies haven't been that great unfortunately so I hoped this movie would change that.  
 So now I can honestly say it was the best film I have watched in a long time that left me with an abundance of emotion. 
No movie or character has ever impacted me this much to the point I felt myself tearing up at the action scenes, let alone the ones that are meant to make you cry!
Perhaps it might have been due to a female lead that was strong, fearless, loving and kicking ass for what she believed in. Also, I don't think I have ever seen so many females who were not once objectified in a film and were just portrayed as beautiful and powerful characters. *I literally have goosebumps writing about it*
The visuals were also breathtaking and made me want to travel to Themyscira and learn to fight with the Amazons haha.  
On top of that, the Wonder Woman theme song made me get goosebumps every time it played in the background when Gal Gadot was being heroic and confronting threats.
Many of you might be thinking I am over-hyping this movie but I believe for once a movie directed by Patty Jenkins the first ever female director (which is still shocking to me) and a whole lot of fierce females, actually fighting and not just sitting looking pretty NEEDS to be praised!
And for once Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) is protecting Steve Trevor from the bad guys and not being a damsel in distress!
To top it off the message of love triumphs over evil in the film I feel is, unfortunately, so relevant in the world today and this movie does exactly that.
All in all, I don't regret spending my money to watch this film on the big screen and trust me you won't too. As a female, I left the cinema feeling so proud, empowered and the motivation to be better as cheesy as that sounds.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know your thoughts on the Wonder Woman movie if you have seen it in the comments below and if you got as emotional as me haha.
PS: I'll leave you with a few gifs of some of my fave moments from the movie.

Lots of Love
Nrutya xx


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