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Helloo there

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog as I was having withdrawals. There is never a moment throughout my day where I don't think about posting something on my blog, but something important comes up which then postpones me from posting. 
Despite it being the first day of October I thought I would review the Ariana Grande concert I was able to attend on the 9th of September! It also happened to be my birthday on the previous day which was all a coincidence and turned out to be a wonderful two days.

I don't know if some of you have gathered but Ariana Grande is one of my favourite artists and I cannot comprehend how much of an amazing voice she has. So the moment it was announced that there would be a show in Sydney on the weekend me and one of my friends had to get tickets. It was a process getting them but when it was a guarantee we were going to hear and see her live I was honestly in shock haha.  

The day of the concert I was way too excited and traveled by bus to meet up with my friend and her sister. When I arrived at the venue I was met with a lot of people wearing Ariana merch and bunny or cat ears, which excited me even more! Of course, I had to buy merch so I opted for a shirt with an image of Ariana in the front and the tour dates in the back. After entering and getting a bite to eat, the time to see her live was fast approaching and I couldn't contain my self. It was a bit of a wait for Ariana as there wasn't an opening act so for an hour everyone just jammed to music that was blasting in the venue. 

When Ariana finally appeared on stage and began the concert she started of with Be Alright and sang every song from her Dangerous Woman album and other huge hits. There was absolutely no doubt she sounded incredible and her high notes literally gave me goosebumps and I couldn't believe I was witnessing perfection!

I could never pick a favourite song of Ariana's since they're all so good, but the moment she sang 'Over the Rainbow' as a tribute to the Manchester attack I was mesmerised by her voice and the entire performance. I can't describe how good her voice sounds in person unless you catch her in concert and realise she sounds exactly the same as her album. There were moments I had to tell myself she is a real person since I only see her through images and videos on Instagram (I know how weird haha). 

On that note, it was an amazing night that I got to experience Ariana Grande perform and spend time with one of my best friends in the process. I couldn't ask for a more perfect day and wish I could relive those moments again. I thought I would add some images from the night but not many as I wanted to live in the moment rather than film the concert through my phone screen. There were a few videos as well but since we were sitting right at the top Ariana literally looked like a speck! 
Regardless of that, I enjoyed my time and maybe next time I'll try to get closer seats :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely day wherever and whatever you're doing!
Also, let me know what concerts you are looking forward to attending?

Lots of love
Nrutya xx 


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