HELLO 2019 | New Year

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Helloo lovelies

It's once that time where we welcome a new year and hope it's better than the last!
I truly hope everyone enjoyed their time celebrating with their friends and family to bring in the new year.

However, if you decided to stay in and watch the fireworks at home I hope it was just as fun :)
The new year also brings up the subject of resolutions and whether you will be sticking to them.. which I am honestly stating I have haha.

This year I am wanting to focus less on a physical transformation and more on improving myself,
don't get me wrong I will be sticking to my workouts as it simply makes me feel good and motivated.
But often people forget to take care of themselves when things start to get quite overwhelming. 

This year I will only be having 3 things that I want to gain from 2019...

1) To put me first when things start getting stressful

2) challenge myself more and try to get out of my comfort zone 
*still improving on this*

3) finally, make the effort to socialise more even when I don't feel like it 

So, I hope each and every one of you has the best possible new year whatever your resolutions may be :D

Ps: I think I should also improve on replying to people's messages cause I am terrible at this haha
It's not that I don't want to reply, I just tend to read the messages and tell my self I will respond later, which results in me forgetting and never acknowledging the messages... oops!

Let me know some of your New Years resolutions in the comments below if you would like to share :)

Lots of Love

Nrutya xx


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