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These are my top concealers that I have been obsessed with as they do an amazing job of covering blemishes or any spots you may have. The one on the left is fairly new as I recently bought it along with my 'fit me' foundation. It's the same brand as the 'fit me' products in the shade 30. It does require you to powder and give it a matte finish as it can give off the shiny effect. 
 They were recommend to be used together but I don't really follow rules and use it with whatever foundation I feel like using. However, it gives quite a decent amount of coverage to hide under eye circles, blemishes or spots. I would highly recommend this product as it does wonder for me.
The Revlon colour stay concealer on the right is also one of my current favourites, as you can see it has been used a lot. The main feature I love about this concealer stick is the 'clicky' part at the bottom, which when you twist it makes the liquid come out in the sponge at the top. It also means there isn't going to be any extra liquid running out. I also never apply the concealer with the stick itself but get some on my middle finger and place it where ever I may need it. This helps it not be contaminated with bacteria which evidently causes break outs. But make sure your hands are clean when doing so. I got this concealer in the colour medium beige. Give these concealers a try and they might even be your new favourites in your makeup collection. 

Nrutya xx


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