Clubbing Outfit Ideas

Heyy guys

Last Friday I went out clubbing with a few friends as it is now uni holidays for 2 weeks. I was in need of doing something social and it's alright to go out clubbing once in a while to just relax and have a good time with close friends. The only thing I find overwhelming is what to wear on a night out and be comfortable at the same time whilst dancing. The outfit above is what I came up with and I think is  perfect for a night out in my opinion.
The white peplum top above which is longer at the back and shorter in the front, I bought from Valley Girl for $19.95. It is so comfortable and fits just right, there is also a zipper along the side for the ease of getting into the top. I also wore a sparkly jacket that I have had for a while now, which is from SES for around $20. However, I no longer wear it anymore since the material was too scratchy and irritated my skin.
 I also paired the top with some black pants as the colour combo fits and doesn't look out of place (and is also subtle). In terms of shoes I wore some black heels which have straps around the ankles that are velcro. These were from Kmart for also $20. I always try to get heels that have a thicker heel so I can prevent myself from falling over, and just to make it easier to walk in. I hope this post gives you some ideas on what to wear on a night out and some inspiration. You don't always have to buy outfits that are too expensive sometimes spending less is good enough.

Nrutya xx

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