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Heyy guys 
I thought it might be a good idea to let you all know what I put on my face in terms of makeup, when I'm just going to uni or a casual day out with friends.
Hopefully this might introduce you to some new products you haven't used before and may just be in your favourites in terms of makeup.

The first thing I apply on face is the 'FIT ME foundation' to get an even finish for my skin. I usually use my fingers (make sure they are clean) and dot the foundation around my face and then evenly spread it around until it is perfectly buffed into my skin.  

Then I use my 'Revlon colour stay concealer' specifically under the eyes to hide those annoying bags and to cover up any other blemishes, spots or discolouration on my face. I prefer to use my middle finger to dab it into my skin, as the warmth of your finger spreads it much more evenly than a brush in my opinion. Once I'm done with that I move on to get rid of the shininess.

After I have finished with my foundation and concealer I move on to using my 'Rimmel stay matte pressed powder' to get rid of any shiny spots. I particularly pay attention to my T-zone area as it gets quite oily and also to avoid any flash back when photos are being taken. This powder last for 6 hours but it's always handy to carry it with you for any touch ups. 

After my face is matte I use my 'Rimmel natural bronzer' to just get a bit of colour on my face as well as contouring the cheek bones and any other areas. I also make sure I brush it down onto my neck so everything is an even skin tone.

Then I move on to my blush from 'Model Co' and put that on the apples of my cheeks to get a bit of colour on my face. I use the darker blush just so it isn't too much for a day look but just enough for it to look natural.

The brushes I use to put on my makeup specifically my bronzer, blush and powder depend on what I think it's suited for. I never follow the rules when it comes to makeup brushes being used for a particular product. The only three brushes I use in order are:
1) Pressed Powder: small brush on the far left
2)Bronzer: tall brush next to the small one on the left
3) Blush: the white brushes on the far right
I got this set of makeup brushes from Target from the company Nude by nature for around $20, excluding the two white brushes which I bought separately.

Eventually, I move on to my eyes once I'm happy with my face. The mascara I use is the 'Maybelline falsies' because personally I think they make my eyelashes look ten times longer without the spider look. There also isn't any clumping and seems like they are your natural lashes. A tip to avoid spider lashes is to get a facial tissue folding it once and laying it flat, then lightly dabbing the mascara wand on to the tissue to get rid of any excess formula. Then you can have flawless lashes that look lovely, long and natural. I also use this for my bottom lashes and use the same method as above.

Then I move on to my liquid eye liner, which is from 'Rimmel: exaggerate eye liner' which is in the colour black. 
I usually do the cat eye flick and it most certainly took a lot of practice but I finally know how to do it yaay! I also found this eye liner was so much easier to get rid of, if you ever made a mistake and didn't really like the way it looked which is a bonus.

Finally, for my water line I usually use a black pencil liner but only half of my eye as it makes it look much more bigger. Unfortunately I don't really remember the brand of the pencil as it has rubbed off sorry! Then when I'm happy with how everything looks I'm done and off to meet my friends or go to uni.

Nrutya xx

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