Rimmel London BB Cream

Helloo there lovely blog readers

First of, I want to comment on how fast the months in the new year are flying past! It's already March which means I'm back in uni for another semester which has its pros and cons, either way I'm sure all of us back at uni or school shall power through it.
I'll stop talking about work and uni since I don't particularly want to bore you and channel your attention to my latest purchase.
I have recently caved in and bought the 'Rimmel London BB cream' in a medium to dark shade for $12 from a drug store.
I always hear every beauty blogger rave about how great BB creams are as pose to foundations, and I now understand what they mean.
The one aspect of this BB cream which I love is it has SPF 15 but also is quite matte. In the previous years I have noticed that majority of my foundations that contained SPF made my face super shiny, which made it resemble a disco ball. I know not a great look! I did powder my face to stop the shininess but this in return can also make your face look cakey. I don't face the problem of constantly powdering my face throughout the day with this BB cream.
The great thing about BB creams in general is they act just like a moisturiser and doesn't make you feel like you're wearing a ton of makeup. In other words it's a tinted moisturiser.
You know the feeling of wearing foundation for a long period of time and you can literally feel it on your face and all you want to do is wash it off? This might just be me but in any case BB creams make it feel like you don't have anything on.
This is my go-to product especially when going to uni since it doesn't take long to apply or buff into your skin. It also helps prevent visible pores, dark under eye circles, soothes the skin, evens skin tone,  oil free, prevents blemishes and gives the matte effect which are all the attributes I think it pulls off.

Nrutya xx


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