Tips and Why I Started Blogging?

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I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday regardless if you have school, exams or are on holidays. Make the most of your day everyday and even the crappiest of days may even turn out to be alright!
Today, I thought I would post about why I decided to start blogging and a few handy tips if you want to venture into something new. 

Ever since I was little I have always loved writing and felt at peace on stressful days. When I was younger I would usually have a diary where I would write all my thoughts on the good and bad days of my life. It helped me express myself at times when I didn't want to talk to people about what I was going through and didn't want to burden them with my problems. I know the best thing to do when you have a lot on your mind is to talk to a trusty friend or family member and release all your thoughts, but sometimes it's a lot more therapeutic to just write away in a journal. However, I wasn't always the best when it came to writing short stories in class when I was younger. I found it quite challenging conveying my thoughts through smart sounding words or forming sentences that read well.

Nonetheless, I still found it interesting and exciting to write and often came home from school wanting to write a strory or my experiences in my diary. This lead me at this present time a few years ago to reading blogs by my favourite beauty bloggers. I have always been passionate about writing and all things makeup and clothes, so when I found something that included all my favourite things I had to get involved. It was quite scary at first since I had to express my self and talk about things I enjoyed to people I have never met before. At the begining stages of  my blog I would put in the effort of writing long blog posts and have no one read them, which was discouraging but I stuck with it because I loved it so much.

The main reason I decided to enter into the beauty blogging world was obviously beacause I'm passionate about it and wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. So far it has been amazing and it makes me so happy that countless amounts of you guys enjoy, comment and read my posts. I couldn't have asked for anything more! I also think since I have a bit of expereince as well as learing new ideas from other bloggers, I would share some tips with you guys.

Tips for Blogging

  • If you want to start blogging you have to be passionate about the topic you're interested in. Whether that be travel, games, beauty etc.
  • Don't give up so easily. You won't gain readers in one post or even thirty posts, it's a slow and steady progress but if you really love what you're writing about then the views won't matter.
  • It is wise to put in the effort of photographing  items, places you have visited and perhaps filiming gaming videos to add to your blog as it's the sign of authenticity. People like reading things you have tried out yourself and the sign of effort is always a good thing. 
  • Use less photos from the internet or any other websites. Anyone can write about a makeup or clothing item by simply attaching a photo from google images and say how amazing it is without even trying it out. Hence, when people know you're taking photos of prodcuts on your own it doesnt come off as fake but an honest review. It is also handy to note that you don't need a fancy camera to take your photos, make do of what you have because you have to start somewhere!
  • When taking photos of products for instance have the background uncluttered and tidy. This translates into a better photo and the main focus is on the prodcut rather than the mess in the background. 
  • Always remember that this is YOUR blog and you should post whatever YOU feel is right. Don't write about something just because other bloggers are writing about it. 
  • It is also essential to view your blog as a hobby rather than a chore, otherwise you'll feel this pressure to post something everytime rather than when you're insipred to do so. You don't neccessarily have to post every week or day, only blog when you want to.
  •  Last but no least, have fun with it. You never know where it might take you!
I hope this post was helpful and helped some of you out if you have ever considered wanting to blog.
If you have any other tips feel free to leave them in the comments below.
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Nrutya xx


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