Down Time

Helloo there

It has truly been a while since I have written any type of post and I don't know how I lasted so long!
What can I say but uni taking over my life, adult responsibilities and dry on inspiration.
This past month I have just been taking time off blogging just to focus on assignments and try to get inspired once again.

But, then I told myself I shouldn't force writing a blog post or else it won't turn out how I'd like. The month of May was a busy one filled with assignments, presentations and reports which took over majority of my time.
However, the start of June and winter means holidays are approaching and more time to Netflix and chill, and I mean ACTUALLY Netflix and chill haha. This post is nothing special and not really worth reading but just me letting you all know I will be back asap!

I hope you will stick around for new posts coming soon :D

Lots of Love
Nrutya xx



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